Background Processes and Global Functions/Video Uploading

There are certain features of apps that I’ve been building that would be much easier to accomplish if Thunkable allowed for background processing/uploading. A work around could possibly also be accomplished by allowing a webviewer or several to run in the background of the app completing work while the user is navigating to other screens.

For example I use a webviewer to record and upload video to s3. Sometimes the uploads can take a while and in order to allow the user to continue using the app while it’s uploading I build the entire app in one screen and just hide the components I’m not using. This has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is namely that I don’t have to copy functions between screens (which could be solved with global functions). The downsides are mostly the increased complexity, I have to build my own navigation, and responsiveness takes some of a hit. It doesn’t seem that the upload itself causes much of a performance issue, just that there’s so much on the screen that the experience is slower when I’m programming the app on the blocks page and for the user (ie. nav is a little slower).

Another approach would be to simply build in elegant native video recording and uploading solution. Thunkable would have to stream the uploads and continue them when closed or when the app is re-opened, or even give the user a warning before closing the app if an upload is in progress. There are a lot of services that allow this pretty easily now. Cloudinary and AWS are just a few. I believe AWS has an SDK that has built in streaming. I think this would be a broadly used feature.