Background image on Screen

I want to have a background image on Screen 1 and still be able to place buttots or other object on top of that, like in an own layer. Can i do that. Done it many times in android versions…but not in IOS

Any ideas or any thoughts for the future…

Hi @StefanSladdenEng,

iOS is actively being developed with new components and properties being added all the time.

The Thunkable developers have stated that they want to get iOS up to the same level as Android so you can expect that this feature will be added in a future release.

Hi there. We have this on our near-term roadmap so stay tuned!

Albert @ Thunkable

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hi there - Yes great i see it - but i dont understand the release notes. It says that i can upload the background image but it does not tell me how or where and i cannot find any button or so called "Upload image"
Please help

In order to upload an image, you need to click on the name of your app (in the top left). Once you do that, you’ll see a ‘Files’ tab, and an area where you can upload assets (images, a sound file, etc.) Once you’ve done that, copy the name of your image, then paste it into the “Background Picture” field on the Screen you want have a background.

Imo it is counter-intuitive to click on the name of your app in order to upload assets (this should really be its own button, especially since it’s so commonly used) but this is how it works.

Hope that helps!

Hi Ginny - Sorry for late reply
Worked fine when knowing what to do - At least i think the “Files” tab should be visible at all times - OR even have a “Drop Of Zone” regardless of where you are in the app…

Thansk and Cheers