Awesome Software But Can You Please Add ThisTutorial

Hi love the Thunkable software and app combo it’s really good for me a begginer, but if anything I could ask after making my first android sandbox virus scanner app is this: Could you please make a tutorial teaching us how to make a tiled menu full of your installed or yet to be installed chosen apps for android please, this is something that illudes anyone without coding knowledge when trying to find an answer online. It took forever for me to find Thunkable I thought it was just another appsgeyser I couldn’t be more happy to have been wrong than 4am this morning when I created my firsat ever app with it a real app though no ads no pop up ads no silly sidebar with a forced built in browser, I think it took maybe 3/4 hours to learn and build using the content urls and .png files and jpg’s of an old app from appsgeyser well I say old maybe a month or two most if that ago I made it, here’s a poorly narrated video of it I made for youtube

I’d prefer to be making something more fancy like a emulator frontend or multi install app frontend for jobs like the maldroid blazer v2 but in one tv box landscape mode way to. But for beginners it’s impossible to know without training like a video guide.

hello welcome to the community in this link you can see video of start and how to use the platforms of the inventor family

Hi thanks for the info, buf it doesn’t touch on how to build a personalised frontend for your installed apps, a window to choose and layout as you wish, also go one further adding combinations of apps that can open and links on sites or files and folders all pinned to a home screen curated if you like is where I’m coming from, nobody does this and it would be awesome to see the variations made. It would open up an ocean of creativity.

you look next link

Sorry Andreas I could do with what I think I found is the relating topic in a layman tutorial video format for begginers please, is this the subjects to add apps to a home menu you can launch them on?
thse 2 pages below:

As for me that is just too awkward to pickup the ability to make that happen just from 2 webpages of data and no real hands on explination, for my self and I assume many others it is going to need an accompanying video tutorial to show us how to make a single page where we can add other app icons or urls etc to it to open as a seperate job inside the app.

no se si utilizas traductor, pero no logro entender lo que quieres hacer