Automatic Updates on Google Play

This is the second update. Nothing happens so far on my Android.
Do I need to do (know) something that I don’t know?

Can you explain more on what’s not happening??

Thanks! :blush:

How long ago did you publish your update? Typically this process can take between 12 and 24 hours, but depending on the app it may take longer.

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Hi. 2 updates. 5-8 days. My android still have that previous version.
My app is not updating and there is no update notice.
Do I need to do something?

Yeah, I don’t think it should take 8 days for an update to go live. Did you check your inbox for messages from Google??

You might need to uninstall and reinstall??

Can you post a link to your Play Store listing please?

Hi. After 10 days the update happened. Amazingly the next update happened the same day. Another update took 3 days. It is an unknown.
Thx you all.

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Thanks for letting us know @gbox.

Was there any correlation between, say, the size of the update and the length of time it took to go through review?