August Hackathon

Dear Thunkers,

We are excited to announce the last of three Summer Hackathons!

Hackathon #3: Apps for Back To School

The theme for this month’s Hackathon will be “Back to School”. Create an app on Thunkable that can help get students everywhere get ready for school.

The winner of the August Hackathon will receive:

  • $500 prize
  • An app design session with our in-house design team
  • Have their app featured on the Thunkable Gallery

Read more here:


Hello there, @Jimmy!

Hurray! :tada:

Suppose, if I win :grin:, will I rececive a Thunkable Certificate?
A chance to meet the staff?

Where? online / Physical?

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@Thunkable_Staff, please answer my above question, I am taking part in this Hackathon :star_struck:

Hi there!

Our office is located in San Francisco—and we are always excited to meet with thunkers in the area :slight_smile:

The app design session will be online.


@kartik_old you could use the $500 for flights to San Francisco :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice! :blush:

@eoinparkinson, what about returning to India?

:thinking: Forgot about that part ahaha

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