Audio Recording using Sound blocks - help

uuuuggggh! That’s actually it! I’ve just downloaded the thunkable live app and ran it there. I’m getting an MP4 now. Still… wonder why I’m getting an MP4 and you’re getting an M4A… and my laptop is giving webm. Something to do with the app’s operating system preference? Anyway, thankfully that should work - thanks again!

Now, I just need to get the API transfer to WhisperAPI working (a window opens and more doors close hehe!).

I wouldn’t know the answer to your questions but possibly it’s an OS thing. Are you using an iOS device or Android? My iPhone 13 Pro is running iOS 16.2. Haven’t done much sound testing in a browser. I tend to use Thunkable Live for that.

Seems strange that audio recordings would be encoded as MP4.

I’m using Android on my phone so, that’s three different OS’s and three different file formats. lol. Go figure!

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Sometimes it takes a village to crack these problems! If you have access to support via the chat icon on the projects page (now moved to the top of the screen), the staff there are usually good at investigating these kinds of issues.

No kiddin! Only a thousand more to go.
But thanks for being part of that village :wink:

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