Audio assets update: can it be done without manual block work?

Hi Thunkers,

I have about 40 sound files in my iOS app which are functioning fairly smoothly now. Problem is that after downloading to my iPhone to test, I discovered that the files which sounded okay before are “noisy/hissy” on the phone.

I have already cleaned these sound files up now and removed the unwanted background hiss. I dragged them all into the upload pane in the design window and nothing much appeared to happen ie there was no upload duration/wheel indicated.

When I tested the app again, the sound files were unchanged; they were still the original hissy files.

So, to be cautious I deleted one sound file and uploaded its clean namesake (exactly the same file format and name) and found that I then had to work through all the iterations of its existence in the blocks editing window. Only THEN did I have an updated and working clean audio file in place.

I would be very happy if someone can advise me how to overcome this file update problem without the nuisance of reworking all my many blocks.

In the possible event that this cannot be done without the nuisance factor, perhaps the wizards at Thunkable could magic up some way to make it possible in the future.

Thank you.


Currently, I see only one good solution to this problem - to place all assets on a local web server during testing and upload them to the application from there.

Please point me in the (beginner’s direction) of how to do that.
Thank you

Do you have your own website?

No…I don’t, unfortunately.

Then you need to install a local web server on your computer. Personally, I use Open Server, but you can choose any other one. Unfortunately, explaining how to do this is beyond the scope of this forum.

Well, I will give it a shot. Thank you for trying.

actech, in your first reply to this question, you mentioned to replace the files during testing. Did you mean while using Live test? Or did you mean while using the website version of the app (which seems likelier to me)?

Another example. When you have a Web server installed, it will have an address. I created a thunkablex folder on my server and made a test file there test.html. After that in the WebViewer URL I can view the contents of this file at:


Update: As I was looking into Open Server I decided to try upload each sound file independently and voila…no block work this time. Nonetheless, it was pretty tedious. It would be a big improvement to be able to update all assets by drag and drop in one go rather than deleting the old version and uploading each updated version individually.

didn’t understand, did you manage to make assets with Open Server?

You are right, but I don’t think the assets will be fixed any time soon, and I will never rename dozens of files manually.

No, I had not tried your suggestion when I decided to retry with just single files…delete old/upload new. One by one, I got it done.