Atempting to "save" dynamically created component with stored variable and display it every time page opens

I have this program with a to-do list. The to-do list works fine but when I move from page to page the items the user inputted into the to-do list are removed. I’m trying to save the components inside of Colum 2 (to-do list) in a stored variable each time an item is added to the to-do list, like this:

Code snippet:
Description: Whenever the user adds an item, a row and a button with the user’s inputted text becomes a new item in the to do list.

I’m attempting to display the to do list like this:
Thunkable - Google Chrome 1_18_2021 2_00_48 PM (2)

I’m not even sure if this possible, if there’s a better way to do this I’d appreciate any suggestions!

Edit: Here is a link to a simple remake of the program:

Have you tried using a Custom Data Viewer List. It would work well with the local storage you have implemented.

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you need to save all the necessary data you cannot save directly the buttons and rows

Thank you! I’m trying to delete a row in airtable and I’m not I’m doing it correctly I keep getting the error that “no_id property was specified in the provided row object”

If you know what I’m doing wrong I’d appreciate it!

rowObject and row id is different