Atan2 (x,y) formula in Thunkable X Cross Platform

Does Thunkable Cross Platform have the atan2 (x,y) formula? I saw the atan but not the atan2 (x,y). I need it for the Distance matrix formula. Thanks.

Make your own function then.

When I select the “atan” block it is linked to a number (45 by default). How can you attach the “/ division” block in that way in cross platform?

How can you isolate the “+” block? For me the “+” block comes with a value before and after that I cannot remove. Also Square root comes with a variable that I cannot remove. Sorry…I am just starting with Thunkable…maybe I am not able to understand how blocks work. Thanks for any suggestion

This is called a shadow block - it’s just a placeholder and can be replaced by any Math block you like.
The intent here is to communicate that this block expects a numeric input as opposed to say, an object or a piece of text.

If you right click on the block and choose the external inputs option it will change to this shape. There are lots of blocks that support doing this, and sometimes it can make blocks a little bit easier to read.

Hope that helps!

Thanks so much!

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