Arduino ESP32 aRest

Hi, I am building an Arduino Home Automation System. I have completed my design using an ESP32 running the aRest API. I can send the appropiate html strings from the web browser and all works fine, the relay turns off/on without a problem, however I cannot work out how to send the required html string from within the cross platform App to the ESP32. Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Hi @auspsx1968hu :wave:

This sounds like a great project - would you mind sharing a screenshot of the blocks you are using to try and do this?

Also, can you clarify if you are on iOS/Android/both?


Hi domhnallohanlon, thanks for replying. I have already written the App in MIT App Inventer for Android and it works fine. I would like the app to be cross platform hense thunkable. I have attached a screen shot of the blocks I have been using without success.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks heaps