App very slow in new thunkable

very slow app
I made an app a few months ago, and everything worked very well, today I renamed the app and I installed it in the phone, this app is very slow, it seems to activate several times, I don’t understand, the same app downloaded a few months ago and reinstalled it works well, I am very disappointed, I also switched to the pro version, but without any improvements.
help me please?

Hey @cdvierone welcome to the community - if you’re seeing behaviour like this it sounds like you have an issue with your blocks, perhaps duplicate event handlers?

Did you try reaching out directly to PRO support?


Hi domhnallohanlon
the apk file downloaded 4 months ago works perfectly, the application starts immediately, the same file, downloaded yesterday, when I open the application, it does not start immediately I have to wait 15 seconds and then it works. it looks like the apk file was compiled differently from thunkable
I dont understund
best regards


I’m experiencing a noticeable slow down in the latest build as well.

And the behavior of the multiple loads also seems to be happening to me too. I wasn’t sure what it was, if it was just slow, or loading some things multiple times, but it seems like it may be both. It sort of blips like its re-drawing things again.

I have the same problem, the app is so slow and the size is very high.
I dont use the pro version, is for that reason?.
I make the same app whit the classic thunkable and is very nice, and the app size is of 5mb and on thunkable x is very slow and the app size is 38mb.
I dont understand why.

you are using a different ecosystem for app building now. That seems to be the biggest issue.

i would imagine before, blocks were coded into java only and there were no SDK’s included maybe?

now the apps come ready to roll, and are coded into react native instead of JAVA. this could be where some of the issue lies. it doesn’t make sense sometimes and i wish i understood more of the background workings here. React native can make very fast webapps. why are our native apps so clunky sometimes. even on my brand new iphone. Not most of the time but sometimes, like If i create a component animation.

i’m not complaining necessarily, just an observation. Do any admins ever want to walk through the process of turning blocks into code? I’d be all ears!