App using Microsoft Emotion Recogniser

We have created a free app in which you can take a selfie or a picture of someone else and using the Microsoft Emotion Recogniser, it tells you the percentage breakdown of how you are feeling.

If any one knows how to do the emotion recognition for multiple faces, that would help a lot!


Here are the aia and apk files:

Emotion_Recogniser.aia (221.7 KB)
Emotion_Recogniser.apk (2.5 MB)

I hope you like this app and can also learn from it how to use the Microsoft Emotion Recogniser in your own app. Don’t forget to rate on the Google Play Store

Enjoy Programming!
Jevin Studios London



Haven’t downloaded it, but it looks good!

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That’s an awesome app. Very good job. :clap: I am the developer of Family AI iEight which is an artificial intelligence for items recognition for kids to learn English easier with text-to-speech.

WHY emotion recognizer is not working on me can anyone help me with my problem?.

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Hi @maeoverflow2,

Are you using Thunkable Classic? Are you using an extension in your app?