App to order Sandwiches

i build an app to help people order Sandwiches that come into a firebase database if enough people are intrested i can put it in as a template (i think)


  • loginscreen (that also checks with firebase for users)
    -order a sandwich (colour of the bread , spreads like cheese, bacon…, smos or not, a remark, and the time you orderd
    -set a favorite sanwich that you can order in 1 click

Sounds cool @maarten_pauwels, feel free to share your template with the community! :+1:

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i will the problem is i wrote all the labels and such in dutch so i will have to translate them

You can translate it by yourself and than use the tools extension from taifun and let detect the device language with it and set automatic the language.
If you want i make tomorrow a small example :slight_smile:

that would be nice thank you


Language.aia (20.3 KB)
Language.apk (2.1 MB)

This is a short example how it works.
You can Download the used “Tools extension” from Taifun on his blog:
Tools extension

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