App Stored Cloud variables

Hard times getting this to work - i tried thousand of version of this set up.
Firedb shall set item 1 if there is no vlue before and the rise the number by one for the next registration
,Somehow i either get null as respons OR i get item 0 updated and then next time it updated 0 again…

probably simle - but i dont see it… Do you (I troed set App , Stored and Could still not working
Any ideas…

An app variable will not work for that because app variables get reset each time the app launches. Firebase (cloud variables) will work but is complicated. A stored variable is your best bet.

Make sure when using a stored variable that you check if the value is equal to null when the screen opens and if so, set it to an initial value (such as 0).

Post a screenshot of the blocks you’ve tried with a stored variable and I can help troubleshoot.

This works a bit. The first round artis is stored as number 1 in FBDB
However, next artist should be number 2 - but its not - System overwrites number 1 only
Instead of “change stored” i also tried “set artistNumber to artistNumber + 1” which does not work either…

You used the wrong variable blocks to change the value of the stored variable.

Since you already named the stored variable, use the change stored variable block at the top of the variables drawer. Do not use the change stored variable “ “ block at the bottom of the drawer (known as Dynamically named variables).

The problem is that you’ve told Thunkable to change the value of the variable with [variable value] as it’s name.

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Obviousvly you solved it to me…<3
Again thanks :smiley:
Case Solved and Closed

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Glad to hear it! You can mark my post as the solution by clicking on the checkbox button.

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