App stopped showing adds suddenly

Hi All,

I developed 2 apps couple of days ago. Till yesterday they are showing adds and I made $10 with them in 5 days but since yesterday my both apps does not showing add on any of mobile devices.
What is the cause of this? As I am a beginner so I don’t know more about it. Please help me.

I think ur app’s package name has been blocked by google thats why ads are not showing so either you can appeal or change the app’s package name to show ads…

Thanks for your reply… but my app is not uploaded on PlayStore.

  1. change the app’s package name 2. change those ads unit …maybe one of this will work.

Befor two days ads was shown but now no ad are shown by thunkable app

am having the same problem have you found a solution??

Not yet… I am moving to Makeroid… if you found any solution please let me know as well

me too update me

is makeroid better

Same problem admob ads not showings on thunkable new apps