App similar to HiNative

It’s not really SUCCESSFULLY Thunk’d in, I had many more features I wanted to add to the app, but I give up for now. But it looks nice enough and I think you may like this.

Right now you can create an account or sign in using Firebase and email verification (you still can’t reset your password), you can add questions and answer questions (can’t add attachments though), and that’s pretty much it.

The sign-in screen is very similar to this one.

This is the main page.

You can choose the language and the type of question you want to ask (Free Question, How do you say this?, What does this mean?).

And, of course, you can answer questions.

Maybe I’ll add some new features, I wanted to add some button to reset the password and a page where the user can see what questions he’s asked so far and all of his answers.
Then add the possibility of adding attachments, not only text answers.

Finally, I want to thank @jared for answering my questions on this forum, he really helped me solve some issues.

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Great work! @hi1,

I am glad to help all thunkers on here! I’m glad to see you got your app off the ground. If you post any updates, be sure to keep us all posted! Many of us love watching the progression, myself included!