APP "Plaaswag" to be launched on Google Play 1st of October 2017

Hi, I wrote with the help of THUNKABLE for the farmer’s to assist them when they need help. The App will be able to do ID and work history check’s on employee’s. Will be able to plot area’s and go back to it in the future (Google Maps), will be able to do check’s on ownership of livestock etc, etc. In the background the app will plot the location of each new person who register on the app, so that I can see where all of them is located. I did market it a bit and at this moment I have 27K potential customer’s!

Regards, Thunker Sybrand Swanepoel!

Sorry my mistake . 1st of October 2017

I edited the subject for you

Thanx im still new to this, i only see now that it’s possible to edit :slight_smile:

Hi, everyone, the App “Plaaswag” is available on Play store" with the help of Thunkable community!. The App is in Afrikaans my home language , the english version will be available in a few weeks

If you provide
Screenshot and link it would be great

Jerin Jacob

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