App of the Month: August 2018

Thanks to all the amazing Thunkable users who have developed and published apps in the last month, and I was amazed by the creativity and diversity of ideas here. Please take a minute to support your fellow community members by downloading and leaving a review of their apps.

Don’t forget to cast your vote at the bottom of this post, voting will close next Friday.

1. VeoVeo

@Crisboy1990 developed this game that challenges users to guess the word in the image.

2. Counter

@Eenjeen created this beautiful and functional counter app with a great promo video too.

3. Instrumentation Study

@Ashish_Uttekar released this app for students at the beginning of August and then submitted an update just a couple of weeks later

4. Lux Meter

@Ashish_Uttekar also created this app for measuring light levels.

5. Bang

@NDL_Oficial as developed a social network app that you are invited to beta test.

6. Cashier’s Friend PRO

@bobbyj published this really useful app to help cashiers make the correct change.

7. Pocket Doodle

@ZexapDev launched a drawing and painting app called Pocket Doodle

8. Mismatch

@Oxygentiq released two games this month, the first of which is called “Mismatch”…

9. Enemy

and the second of @Oxygentiq games is called “Enemy”

10. Indian Rail App

@Stay_Tube created this app that tells you all about the railway system in India.

11. Brawl of Brawlers

@Technical_Brother released this multiplayer game you might like:

12. Scale the Planets

@Michael_Heimburger created this fantastic visualisation app called Scale the Planets

13. Spellements

Also by @Michael_Heimburger this month is this cool game called Spellements.

14: Less

@Sasa_Ahlin created and published this addictive game called Less

15: Dice Game - JRD

Honourable mention to @JRD_Technical who has had apps featured two months in a row - nice work

Cast Your Vote:

  • VeoVeo
  • Counter
  • Instrumentation Study
  • Lux Meter
  • Bang
  • Cashier’s Friend PRO
  • Pocket Doodle
  • Mismatch
  • Enemy
  • Indian Rail App
  • Brawl of Brawlers
  • Scale the Planets
  • Spellements
  • Less
  • Dice Game - JRD

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Dear @domhnallohanlon
Now where’s thunkword??
You can see, its uploaded to an app store, Aptoide. Please add it soon!



Final week of voting! Please show your support for your fellow community members who have #SuccessfullyTHUNKd and published apps by voting for your favourite app this month.



Final day of voting!!

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Congratulations to everyone who published apps in August and sincere thanks to everyone who voted.

Special mention to @Crisboy1990, @bobbyj, @JRD_Technical and @Stay_Tube for winning the most votes.

Over on the Thunkable Blog @Jimmy has written an article to showcase the most recent Apps of the Month:


Thank you everyone that checked out my app, Cashier’s Friend PRO. It’s a success because of many of you in the forum that contributed to my knowledge in building apps. Kudos to all.