App is not working.(after version change NaN)

Hi, I’m beginner, thunkable x.
I have some trouble in my thunkablex project.
Yesterday i downloaded my project for test in aos.
But its not downloaded. And shown that version notice error and auto changed my project version NaN.
So i changed version 1 and downloaded my project(apk).
But its not working(Force quit).So i do test in tunkable live, it work. What’s the problem my project?
Please help me.T.T

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Hi, @james.p :wave:
Welcome to our Community :tada: :tada:

Everytime you compile your project, check these -

In my case, they’re Version 2.0. Yours might be Version 1.0.

This bug only occurs when you have duplicated your project.
So, always check your project version in Settings of your app.

Thanks :blush:

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Thank you reply, @kartik14
Is this bug fixed not yet?
I have been build My project after changed version.
But it’s not work.