App for speech impaired people

Some days ago, my son got his tonsils removed. He couldn’t speak for almost a week, so he downloaded an app with text to speech, but he had to type every thing he tried to say, even if it was words or phrases that he used many times.
So I decided to make him an app that can save the most used words/phrases in a sort of speed dial by long clicking the button where you want to save the message, creating a preset. Also, thinking about people who is sick, in recovery or under any speech impairment, I made the messages separated in 3 categories, Normal, Attention and Emergency, to have more presets but at the same time make it easier to find them.
The result is this app. I hope you can recommend it to people who may need it.


Looks great…

Jerin Jacob


Can we slow down the speed of text to speech component as it read some phrases so fast not even understand what was it.

If you go to the settings (top right button), you can select the speed (rate).
But I think this problem might be something wrong in your device, because the default values are fine to understand easily. It should be the same for everybody.
Let me know if you keep having problems.

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@Italo Thank you sir. I got it and set now it’s better to understand and listen pitch =1 , speech rate = 0.8 is perfect. Thank you.

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I don’t think you are talking about my app. In my app you don’t see the numbers. It’s just sliders.

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@Italo it’s about my app sir but i got idea from your app sliders. that’s why asked how can set because one set is perfect for me that’s why i manage that in numbers

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