App Download Error: Command failed for Android app download from Thunkable X Platform


Facing issue in Thunkable X platform - when trying out android download it gives an error for all xplatform apps(even those which were downloaded as android app few months before)/… Please help

App Download Error: Command failed: $ANDROID_HOME/build-tools/27.0.3/aapt package -f --no-crunch -I $ANDROID_HOME/platforms/android-27/android.jar -M /usr/src/app/backend/builds/3c0f6613-33f0-4f3a-bd9a-b476124784d4/AndroidManifest.xml -S /usr/src/app/backend/builds/3c0f6613-33f0-4f3a-bd9a-b476124784d4/resources -m -J


Sorry for the problem. We are working on the issue right now.


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This issue has been fixed.


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i have the same problem and my app isn’t downloadable. it shows me “download error! Not Found!”



Can you please send me the URL for your project?



hi, Mark!
thanks for your attention.


hi, mark you’ve sent me an email “public” link of my project which is downloadable. but i don’t know what should i do to make my “private” project downloadable. i would be grateful if you guide.



I sent you a direct reply.



yes, but i hear “legacy” word now, i had worked on my projects for months when there was no subscription and it was free to become a member and work on thunkable, when thunkable decided to apply “subscription” the least could do was that the previous projects will be free! i wonder what a policy thunkable has!!! At present I am afraid if i buy subscription, i will be able to access my projects completely, then i think there will be some other conditions that i will be informed later!!!



Could you please reply to the direct message that I sent you, instead of in this thread which is dealing with a different subject?