App crashes when timer enabled on Android

Hi, it seems there is an issue when timer starts (by blocks) app crashes on Android but not on iOS.
App is closed directly (on companion and when compile)


At me such it is not observed. Can you show the code for the blocks? Maybe the problem is with what happens in the code or values ​​in the component properties fields?

Hi Alex,

I tried to use a delay to do the color gradient on my first try.

The error seems to be the same

Thunkable (simple timer)

If you can take a look, I’d be grateful.

Thanks a lot,


Hi André,

I know about such a bug on Android. I’m afraid we can not solve it without the help of developers.


Crashes app calls the Timer1.setIntervalMilliseconds block. Remove this block

This app is running on your Android?



yes, it executes but it is impossible to define the range, even in design mode.

How do I report this to developers (bugs section)?

Thank you

my app will run on Android And iOS

To create an error message that developers see, go to and create a new message by clicking on the “New issue” button and selecting the “Bug report” message type.

My suggestion may seem terrible to you, but you can temporarily use this solution - add several Timer components to the project with a different delay set in advance.

Thanks a lot