App Crash with Critical Error Occured!

The app crash, just start without show the first screen, both in the Thunkable app simulator and also using apk, give back on the screen of the device this message:

com.facebook.react.bridge.JSApplicationIllegalArgumentException: Error while updating property ‘flex’ in shadow node of type: RCTView

The app is very simple and almost componets are used without modification in the most of parameters, also deleting and re-create the screen the problem occour again.

Can someone in Thunkable staff help me ?

Or do someone in the community know a work around solution applied directly by me, in the design interface of Thunkable, in order to avoid the problem ?

Thanks in advance.
Kind regards

Can you share a link to your project?

Crashes has been happening in the last 2 days even with previously working apps. There were discussions on the symptoms in the other threads, you may want to take a look. Hopefully Thunkable staff is looking into this.


I have been facing the same App crashing issue reported by the author of this post since yesterday 9th September. Preview and Live test don’t respond and Thunkable Live App crashes constantly without any known reason. I had also used a Web API component a couple of days ago with an App but the crash is happening with Apps which do not use Web API component too. Thunkable team kindly help resolve.


Yes of course.

Here the link:


I’ll test it when I can. Right now, it’s just giving me a blank white screen when I try to open the project.

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When the problem occur in a project, in the Thunkable app web simulator the screen is blank white but in the Thunkable app on the smartphone appear the error reported.

I will wait for the feedback and hope for the solution.

Thanks for your support

Sorry, I’ve tried on two different computers and I can’t open that project at all.

It may just be my account, though.

Ah ok, i misunderstanding, so you cannot open the project in order to see the blocks.

Maybe yes, it depends by the user.

Thanks anyway for the try. :slight_smile:

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