App Crash When using Airtable Component and no Network is available

During testing, our app randomly crashes. We are using an airtable component to add a row. When I put the phone in Airplane mode, ie not network, and click on the button to create the row, the app crashes. Anyone else see this or even better have a solution?


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Hi, @edgoscpl ! :wave:

If no net is there, how will your app connect with an online database?

If he same problem appears when you have internet, then read this post -

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Check your units. App crash when it attempts to perform an operation on a non-existent object. I think that your block is not checking network availability, and you try to create a row without any checks on the correctness of the operation.

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But he said that his app will crash instead of empty components.
I think it is a bug. It happened with me in the last few days the app crashes if the device is not connected to the internet.

Thanks for all the responses.

The airtable object should not crash the app if the network is not available. It should just return an error code, which it never gets too. This happens when the user is in a low service environment, I just used the airplane mode to reproduce it.

I am going to check if online before creating the row, but this behavior should not happen. I hope Thunkable resolves it.

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You’re right, the system must return an error, but do not crash app. But when working with Thunkable X you need to provide additional protection for themselves. Consider this feature Thinkable X.