Any more features that I can add to my news app?

Hello, dearest community members!
I wanted an idea: Actually, I have created a news app. Right now, the app is very simple: It just shows some news and images of people the news is about. I still feel like the app is incomplete, and I should add more features to it. One thing why I am getting really excited about adding more features to this application is because I am using the AdMob component, and I want to generate revenue through my project. And I want to add more features because, it’ll increase the audience of my app, and I’ll be able to generate even more revenue. Any ideas?

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Hi muneer! I like that you respond to my posts many times!

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Sounds like a good idea.

Include a user preference and push notification that can be controlled by the user and only notify the news type or sources selected by the user in the preference section.

Just a thought.

Oh, can you please tell me how to do the same, as I have no idea.
I am a junior user.
Just 9 years old

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Please reply fast

I am a junior user too. i used Thunkable less than a year now. I am 54 though.

Use the stored variables to save the user selections and read the stored variables from the user device every time the app starts. You can start with the most obvious ones like [sports, education, politics, …] and then improve on preferences when enhancing your app.

Use Onesignal for the push notification to inform the user when the news type he/she is looking for arrived/updated

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Kaise karron ye?

Sorry, I mistakenly responded in Hindi. I mean how should I use the Push Notification

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check this post

Will check it out later…