Angry Birds-Like game

Hello! I’m new here. I am a teacher trainee from Malaysia. I’m interested in creating a simple game that works similar to the Angry Birds game to be incorporated in the primary English Classroom. Any tips or tricks to get started?

Someone else can correct me if I’m wrong but two things come immediately to mind:

(1) Angry Birds is not a simple game. It was the product of years of work and a story of repeated failure. It was also their full-time job. Here’s the developer story if you’re interested. In my experience, people wildly underestimate how much work goes into making a game. My first game took me 60 hours to make. Granted, I’m much faster now but it was a labor of love.

(2) I’m not sure Thunkable is the best tool to make this with. The game design features are really not fully-developed. There are many things Thunkable does really well but I don’t consider game design to be one of them.


Welcome to the community @clementchen5769e!!! Have you checked out the Thunkable docs? You can find more info about building games here