Android vs Ios app and live test

Hello all,

I have a strange and blocking behaviour, When I test my app on ios and android I do not have the same behaviour.
My issue is that even if I am modifing the app the version on ios is doing the new version but on android it stayed on the previous code ???
I am using auth in firebase, the auth works for both application but it seems that they are not using the same project because in the auth my last connection corresponds to my ios test and if I am using the android app it is not appearing in the last connection.

Do you have any ideas of what can happen ??


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It is worth explaining how you save the last connection. Are you saving last connection details in the Firebase database?

I am talking about the fields of authentification on firebase.
If you go to your authentification panel you can see the date of creation of the user and the last connection date.

If I want to say my issue differently it is like my iOS app is connecting to a project and the android app to another firebase project.

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So, I understand that you access the same project once in iOS and another time in Android using the same email/password to sign in and you see that only the iOS sign in process is being reflected in Firebase Authentication console.

Is this correct?

yes exactly.
I check my API keys, … and everything seems to be ok.
Also if I am not authentified I cannot access the app but in both cases (ios and android) I am accessing the app.
it is like android and ios apps are not “pointing” to the same project. :frowning:

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This says it all. It seems to me that you are using email address for your Firebase console as the email address of your phones therefore you do not need to be authenticated, you are the owner (administrator) of the database and can access it all the time without restrictions.

hello @muneer ,

just to let you know that I had a call with jared and we found that the patch method for the web api is working on ios but not on android.
I did not test all the method to see if we have the same issue. Get and Post seems to be ok.
for me jared reported the bug to the support.



Many thanks for your update.

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Glad you were able to identify the issue @alex_ezacae - just to close the loop here, wanted to confirm that everything is now fixed and working for you again?


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