Alpha-Wissen (only in German - sorry)

Dear community,

I am quite new here and just finished a thunkable App. Actually it’s a gaming-app which concept can be used for educational purposes. Due to my language skills it’s only available in German (sorry for that). If someone here is interested though – here is the link to play store:

  • Link removed by me due to republishing package name


Challenges player with questions
Gives a wikipedia article hint for each question (online)
Some answers can be found directly in these articles, some can be found by combining two information pieces
Player can switch random questions
Player can share game with others and compete via HighScore

Have fun!


Hey, welcome to the community!
Overall, thats a great concept + for educational purposes.

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Thanks for welcoming @IloveThunkable. I also like this concept. Currently it’s just for fun, but maybe one day it can be used in schools as a method of education.

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