Alert being shown in reverse order

Hi all,

Need help with a strange problem. So I have 2 alerts on a button click to check values. Untitled

However, the alerts are being shown in reverse order; instead of Blue and then Red, it is showing Red and then Blue. Any ideas anyone as to what I might be doing wrong?

I think these are actually working as expected @thestrengthinstitute

When you click the button the blue alert is shown, then the red alert gets displayed on top of the blue one.

From a UX perspective, you won’t see the blue alert until the red alert is dismissed.

Rather than stacking blocks from top to bottom and having everything run sequentially, you should consider nesting your blocks and making use of the when Show is done callback:


For example, show the first alert first, and when that’s done, then go and show the relevant second alert:

Hope that helps.

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