Airtable - filtert data from column


I’m working on a certain project and I have a small problem with displaying data. I added a view list to my application, which takes data from the airtable project, Everything is ok, the data is displayed according to the value of the column

The problem is that I would not like to duplicate data and have only unique values (should be only four unique values). The question is how to do it and is it possible?

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Hi @Maciek_Samoraj, welcome to the Thunkable Community!

Apologies for the delayed response, here’s a method you can use to go through a list and remove duplicates.

Create a “temp” list

In this example I’ve called it listWithoutDuplicates but you can use what ever name you like.

remove duplicates

Here we create a function to loop though all of the items in the original list. If the items is new we add it to the listWithoutDuplicates but if its a duplicate we skip it…

Choose an event

Finally, you just need an event to call the removeDuplicates function. I’ve gone for a button click, but you might opt for that data being returned from Airtable, for example.


Hope that helps!