AI API NLP - reading documents



Is there an API for Thunkable that can read documents and compare these?



Thunkable apps should be able to connect to any web api.

Hi Jared

Does this include apis from eg python?

Also is there a guide on how to include a web api into Thunkable?



Python is just a means of accessing an API. If you can find a JSON request example (usually labeled REST) then it’s relatively easy to implement that in Thunkable. If not, then post a link to API documentation or info about what you have found and someone may be able to help you set up the blocks to use that.

There are several tutorials and demos about APIs. You may find mine helpful:

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@tatiang thanks this will be an AI api needed

Is that possible?

I don’t know. Have you already selected an API? If so, provide a link to the documentation. If not, I’m not sure I can be of help with that aspect.

you could use the assistant component