Advanced apps powered by thunkable

never wondered of advanced apps but requires “No-code”?

That’s just an example, that “No-code” is what exactly is meant, here’s where you can get about that, I’m going to share my #madewiththunkable projects similar to #shareyourprojects but these projects are advanced, no-coded, and made in thunkable.

I am changing this to Share your Projects as that channel is exactly for this.

it should be #madewiththunkable

Made with Thunkable is for when you post a PlayStore or App Store link for your apps. In this case, you are posting the project page link.

hmm, ok then

That is my collection off advanced projects not project page link

You are basically posting a few projects in one place, with a short description, and the Go To Project button takes you to the Thunkable Project Page.

yeah. you are right but this discussion is about

can you create apps same as me
  • I can
  • I cannot
  • I’m trying to

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you can also paste your project link.

Any leaders/ mods who can send this to the right category? I thought it belonged in Share your Projects but now I’m confused. :grinning:

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maybe now it’s creator lounge. :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:

update: I have added tutorials about it see the site again for more detail