AdMob & Push Notifications Beta

**Update: The beta is now open to the public. If you would like to try out the beta for both AdMob and Push Notifications, please go to

Additional docs for admob and push notifications are at the links below:

Dear Thunkers -

I’m excited to announce that we will be launching a private beta of our AdMob component next week. For anyone interested in joining this private beta, please email me at

We look forward to having you try it out!



E-mail has been sent :slight_smile:

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Let me test :slight_smile:


Please do send an email to if you want to be included in the beta as more information needs to be sent to you.


Hello thunkables !
great platform
i really liked the simplicity,
please , please keep the admob feature free Please
good continuation

@sino_iceberg hello, please read the terms and agreements of using the Beta platform of Thunkable. it is 5%,95% revenue share for now and i think it is a good deal so kindly embrace it whiles it last.


One Suggestion from my side.
To Avoid Admob account blocks of new users who doesn’t have experience using Admob and we also noticed in thunk-able community some users have blocked their account by clicking the Ads mistakenly. Please implement Testing Mode with device enabled as default for developer phones- put a block Exclude Devices list etc. So that the developers can do testing and use the apps hassle free.

Thanks in adv.

There already is a Testing Mode.

Great thanks. looking forward with this feature.

hello, I’m new and I did not know this platform. implement Admob is fantastic, but I did not understand with that method you can take the 5% of the ads! Can you explain to me?

I recommend you contact or for more information.

cc: @amrita @albert

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OK, thank you, have a nice day

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Send me this version

@willwand, It is generally considered polite to say please.

i.e: please read the previous messages carefully before posting.


When can we expect Admob in Regular Thunkable (prod). Looks like more than 3 months you Team has been working on this?

There are some tricky financial ad mob related things we are trying to work through. Realistically it will likely be a few more months. I’ll update everyone once I have a better update.


Hmm m Few more months

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Please let me test the beta

@Fabio_Pesucci have you read any of the posts in this thread?