Adding URL to Image/Button/Webviewer

I am stuck trying to add a url link to my app. I would like my thumbnail images to link to a Youtube/Vimeo URL. I don’t see a way to link a url to my images. Possibly a button would work, but I don’t see a way to add my image to the button (only style the background ‘color’. Also under the Blocks, I don’t see a way to link to an outside URL. The other option I tried was 'WebViewer; (which would allow me to connect to a URL) however I don’t see how I can add a thumbnail image to that. Thank you!


You can set the BackgroundPicture property of a Button in order to display your thumbnail image. That property can by a URL pointing to an image or you can display an image that you upload to your Thunkable project.

There are a couple of ways that you could then link to your Youtube/Vimeo URL. If you wanted to display the URL within your own app’s screen you could use a ‘when Click’ block on your button in which you would set the URL property of your Web Viewer to your Youtube/Vimeo URL. If you wanted to display the link in an external browser or YouTube/Vimeo app, you could use the “open link” block (within the Control category) inside your Button’s ‘when Click’ block.

Good luck and feel free to ask for more help if you need it.


Thank you so very much. That is really helpful.

I want to link the youtube page to my app… How to do it using web viewer

@coder_riddhiman welcome to the Community.

Have you tried using the YouTube URL as the URL for your webviewer?

What sort of app are you trying to build? Please note that native mobile apps need to include more than “just” a web viewer.