Adding a print button

Is it possible to have users create notes and then once they click on a certain note in a list view it takes them to a page where it shows that certain note with a button they click so that they can print the note?

I don’t know the part where:
A user can click on a item (the note) in the list and it takes them to that certain note’s page with everything in the note: the title and the description.
The button that prints that certain note


Hi @Team-ARCS, welcome to the Thunkable Community!

If you’re trying to create a note taking app I would recommend using something like LocalDB or the Spreadsheet to store the title and contents of your notes.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any component that can be used for printing right now.

Hi i’m looking for something similar, was printing ever added?

Hi @Mike_Nichols, welcome to the Thunkable community, apologies for the delay getting back to your question.

At the moment printing isn’t on our to-do list. Can you tell us a little more about the type of app you’re working on and how it would use the printing feature?

Would like to print a todo list