add school grades

hello, i’m doing an app to calculate school grades so that you put in each insert text the grade you got in a bimester and show on a label the sum of the grades without having to click any buttons, the way i’m trying it’s not working. could someone please help me?


Where is the ‘resultado porto’ label on your Screen?
Are you typing a plain number in to the Text Input like “60”, or are you typing something like “60%”?


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The label does not appear on the image but it is after 4 text input. The numbers I am trying for are simple example “60”. thanks
Joao Vitor

hi @barbosadantasvpj,

I tried this in my app and didn’t have any issues with it. The calculation was performed and the value was returned correctly.

I’ve used the exact same blocks that you have (as far as I can see anyway!)

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but your only works if the 4 numbers is not mine it will be filled gradually or most of the time will not have all four numbers then it does not add the others that have

Ahhh…now I understand @barbosadantasvpj

So you question is how should you handle empty TextInputs when making calculations…correct?

Are you just adding the grades ( in which case it’s ok to substitute in a 0) or do you also need to average the grades (in which case there’s a need to exclude the empty grades) ?


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I am just adding smoothly the value 0. Don’t need the average.