Add Mathematical Equation in Thunkable X (Web Viewer, MathJax, jQuery)

I can put mathematical equation in classic thunkable as seen in Add Mathematical Equation Using MathJax to Thunkable. Is it possible to do the same in the new Thunkable X?

In the classic Thunkable, I use Connectivity Component: Web. In the new one, I can’t find it.

Thank you.

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@jeprie, do you have a specific equation you want to include or do you specifically need a way to display any possible equation (i.e. like MathJax or LaTeX?)


I want to do exactly as I did in the tutorial: Add Mathematical Equation Using MathJax to Thunkable but in Thunkable X.

At the moment, unfortunately, this isn’t possible.

Can you tell us a little more about what you’re building - and who you’re building it for - so that we can get a better sense of how to prioritise this?


I’m building a mathematical game for highschool students. It’s similar to this app: A duel game, but the question is more complex and it needs Mathjax (or LaTex) to be displayed properly.

I have succesfully created similar app in classic Thunkable, I wish to do it in Thunkable x because I want it to be available in iOs too.

If you can add that feature, that would be great. Otherwise, I’ll just stick to the classic Thunkable.

Thank you for the clarification.