Add Components in my projects

Excuse me but I haven’t the import .aix components in my projects. Why ?
I need to add netConnected.aix. How I can ?
Thanks for your help

I’m not exactly sure what that is but… Thunkable X cannot import older file formats and cannot import App Inventor files. It also does not support extensions.

Can you re-make what you had before using Thunkable X?

thank you for reply, but is there a way, simple way to know if the phone is connected like the component netConnected ?

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How about the “device is online” block?


YES, it’s a good way, thank you, and is exactly what I’m searching, BUT
how can close screen or app if is not connected ?
I’m in Screen1 Starts, if statement device connected do … but in else statement ?

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I don’t know a way to close or quit the app from Thunkable.

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thanks anyway

@mephjl why quit the app entirely? I’d recommend having a prompt showing the user how to turn on their internet connection, hope this helps to keep your project moving forwards


I added an Alert component without buttons and with dangerous ON, and in the else statement call to show alert1 and there is always a BUT…in then do what can I insert ? Or blank is ok ?

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If the purpose is to show a message and do not wait for a selection from the user then you can safely leave the then do blank.


and without connection the result is


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Before anyone can answer, you need to explain how did you run the app?

  • Are you using the Live Test from the computer?
  • Are you using the Thunkable Live app from the mobile?
  • Have you compiled it as APK and installed it in your phone and run it as a separate app?

I compiled as APK and installed it in my phone

I can’t understand how you can close connection in the live test

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The live app in the mobile will load the project you select. At this point you need an internet connection but after loading you can test the connection by switching your mobile internet OFF.

However, your code will not work because you are attaching it to the Screen Starts. You will need to add a button in the screen and use the Button Click block to test internet connection.

This works for me.


I then open the Thunkable live app in my phone and select this project. Once it opens, I close my phone internet connection and click the button.

I can’t understand how you can close connection in the live test (this is only a supplier comment).
I’m not in this condition.

I haven’t and I don’t want to include all my blocks in a button click.


If the alert not work in this condition I don’t know what to do with it.
I need the app not start without a connection, or close, or at least notify me.
I don’t like seeing that hateful mistake.

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Put your code in the Screen Opens. Compile another APK, install it and test.

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