ACOS auto rounding error

Hey Hey Thunkable,

There seems to be slight bug with the ACOS. I have been working with other Thunkers on this for a month or so trying to find alternatives for processing accurate distance between locations.

AT first I thought the ACOS wouldnt show data mast a certain decimal point. It turns out it does and provides an amount of decimal places that would allow for accurate distance.

That being said, the software randomly rounds the ACOS. Even with no code.

Shown below.

It is the exact same code.

Same setup. One just rounds and the other doesnt.

I have checked the values in google sheet havesine and when it doesnt auto round, the numbers are accurate.


But the moment the location changes, it randomly rounds.

Interesting …

Red is now .000020000000

Seeing a screenshot and trying to understand what is causing certain things to happen is like watching an airplane fly overhead and trying to understand why the plane is losing altitude. We can only guess!

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I sent it over to Thunkable so they can look.


Super odd.

It randomly does it.

at least here, we can assume it’s likely due to the pilot.

if you can provide some block examples, maybe we can help you make some assumptions here @cresto.pgaxq2

I gathered new lat and longs and replaced them. All within a couple yards.

Then it processed more digits.

Sometimes it rounds , sometimes it doesnt.

No change in code.

Can the platform be caching old values to do the math?

So, 1) I’m still not sure how to help other than to say if you run the same calculation 10 times with fixed values and get different results somethings odd

  1. the thread above shares a cloudflare worker that will tell you the distance between 2 points in km or miles

Use the second link from that post.

Thanks for sending.

When clicked it shows this

Error: Page not found

The requested URL was not found on this server.