Accelerometer Not working


We are working on the implementation of the Accelerometer. As per development docs, the accelerometer has high, low, medium sensitivity. We would want to use the default value of accelerometer. For instance, we have created a shake me an app where we are trying to compare the default accelerometer value to either high, low or medium. It is not working. Shake isn’t getting detected.
We tried to add a label on the app to fetch the accelerometer’s default sensitivity detected - which is coming out to be moderate.

Let me know how to work around it.

When you post on the forums, it’s really important to include a link to your project or at least screenshots of your blocks. We can’t guess how you’ve set something up and there may be a simple fix that we can let you know about.

What device(s) are you testing it on?

@tatiang Apologize for not adding.

Testing done for - iPhone/Android
System coded on - Mac
Attaching a screenshot of the code and output. This output is based on the shake given to the phone.


Can you check if I missed anything?

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