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At Thunkable, we believe that sharing apps and their source code enables the first-time developers and non-coders in our community to not only build better apps but to also build them faster. In other words, we believe ain’t nobody got time to create the same app that another thunkable developer has created before.

To encourage sharing, we are creating a new section in our community forum called #ShareYourApps for Thunkers of all kinds to:

Share your Thunkable X Projects

Share your Thunkable Classic aia files


We’ll share our favorite open source app projects and the stories of the developers behind those projects on our blog.

We look forward to seeing what you share!

Team Thunkable


Hi Albert, my name is Darren and I am representing my company, Phunware (www.phunware.com). Our company works closely with Fortune 5000 brands to monetize their audience and promote their products & services. Phunware has different departments which includes App Development, Mobile Advertising, and Cryptocurrency (Phuncoin).

Since our company is steadily growing, I wanted to reach out and get some advices from you regarding creating a mobile app contest. We wanted to promote our company and look for talents as well. The winners of our contest will have the opportunity to get internship, sponsorship or a prize. Please let me know what’s the best way to execute this because it will be a great way for developers to share their apps and having the opportunity to get sponsorship.

Thank you for your help! Looking forward to your response.