A Windows/Mac Thunkable Software & Compiler Like Android Studio or similar

Hello Thunkable,

Is it possible to provide us a windows software for thunkable that will allow us to use the thunkable interface with compilation option like the web interface!?

Im asking for this request because the web interface is not really flexible at all especially when i use lot of components & i have to do everything manually with drag & drop instead using the copy past (ctrl+C & ctrl+V) that dont work in design mode when i want to multiply a copy of a buttion with my personalized dimentions & color!! it really painfull to work with 60 component & not lose your mind because they go outside the visible side of the design interface & deplacing them or changing the position of a component become really a real headach :frowning:

So why ther will not be a software that will exploite all the power of a computer ressources to make thiings easy :slight_smile: especially for design mode & even code side…

I had some projects that i did with thunkable & really i reached some hillarious number of blocks to make things work but the web interface desappointed me lot of times .

I think that it will be more interesting to turn Thunkable into a powerful interface fo match big dreams :slight_smile:

Hope my suggestion will see the light one day


reuse your components and simplify your blocks


Thank you dear Taifun for the reply :slight_smile:

Actually, im already a software & embedded systems programmer & use all the time tricks to make my creations work as smooth as possible by reducing the code until the maximum level … i hate pointers ofc Lol

Unfortunatelly i cant do that with thunkable because its so basic & its interface is not so flexible!! so sometime i had to repeat things sometimes :frowning:

To make the idea more clear, this is a little app that i want to make

to be able to control each pixel i need to make an interface of 8x8 matrix button to be abble to control each pixel, So when i started i seen myself doing lot of drag & drop of toggle buttons & i should repeat the same actions for 64 button & setup the color, text & size of each button instead just setup just one & copy/past it

Also, as you can see in this picture, components go inside the phone frame & it become really painful to catch it drag it to take its place & when i fail to do that then i had to rename all the components to fix the problem to keep the project easy to handle .

The reall problem is when thening become more bigger than 8x8 lex matrix! so you can imagine how things will end for this xD


This is a little view how things will become (not finished interface) & i still need to add more rows NeoPixel.aia (1.2 KB)

i think with a GUI software that will become supper easy to handle complicated designs & even more it will be better if it include & grid for the put components in specific positions in the app interface like in the block interface :slight_smile:

Hope The idea will attract other users to vote for it if they already have the same deficulties that i have with thunkable interface

Thank you

to avoid components being hidden in the designer, just switch temporarily to screen orientation = landscape

rather than using 64 buttons in the designer you could try

  1. the Dynamic Component Extension by Appybuilder to create buttons dynamically during runtime


  1. a canvas and some logic to simulate the buttons
    for some ideas what could be done using a canvas see Scott’s great library here Google Groups
    for example probably you could use the snap to grid method?


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Thanks for the useful information Mr Taifun & sorry for the late
I liked more the the Dynamic Component Extension but unfortunatelly it dont support the toggle button !!