✅ 500 Questions Solved

500 questions from Community members have now been tagged as Solved!

This community brings together Thunkable users from all over the world with all different skills and abilities.

It’s a place where creators can discuss using Thunkable and share what they’ve built with Thunkable, and most importantly its a place where we can support one another when we have questions about how to use the platform .

I’m so proud of this community for hitting this milestone and hope we can all work together to get this number up to 1,000 solved questions.

For context, about 500 questions are posted every month, so hopefully we can get to 1,000 in the next 3 months or so.

Take a look at the solved posts so far and feel free to tag me if we’ve missed any!



Over 5,000 questions asked!

We crossed a couple of impressive milestones in the Community this week. A notable one for me was surpassing 5000 topics in #thunkable-cross.

As it happens, last week was also a record this year for number of new users in the community and number of new topics created in the community, so thank you to all the existing users who are helping out, debugging projects and offering their time and expertise to Thunkers everywhere.

Getting to 1,000 Solved posts

It’s great to have 5,000 topics, but ideally the community is a place where Thunkers come to get answers to their questions. Our immediate goal is to have 1,000 solved posts, and after getting to 500 two weeks ago we now have over 600 solved posts.

I’ll try to post another update when we pass 750! You can browse and search solved posts here:

Working together

Don’t forget to mark topics as solved if someone answers your question, and feel free to ask a new member to mark a reply as a solution too. It’s a real compliment to have your response marked as an accepted solution. We’ve written about this already in the #communityguidelines


Finally - a big “thank you” to all contributors to this amazing community. Special mention to our @Power_Thunkers who are among the most active and most helpful people you could ever hope to meet.


Congrats everyone! :tada: