Your Feedback Needed for Thunkable ✕ / iOS - What Color Combo for Blockly?

Dearest Thunkers,

Whilst we are very nervous about putting up our major product decisions up for a poll, we really value the opinion of our community. We can’t promise that we will implement the winning design exactly but we will do our best.

Which set of blockly colors for Thunkable ✕ / iOS do you prefer?

  • Option A
  • Option B
  • Neither

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Option D : keep same colors as Android :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I didn’t get it. You want opinion to selection same colors with light and dark colors. So then light colors are recommended for material so go with it.

Another option may be adding support for themes.

Actually I do not really like both of them but if I had no other choice I would rather choose A. But why not just stick to the block colors we are already used to from Android and maybe just slightly change them?

Why not we cant select own colors? Or Make a themes and let users selec one I dont like a and b

I’m agree with @Chris but if I had no other choice I would choose B because has more contrast and is more readable. Anyway I don’t like pastel colors.

Aside from personal preferences pastel colors reduce legibility for those with less than perfect eyesight.

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thx for this thoughtful post. Although it’s very democratic to choose the option, which is preferred by the most users, I would prefer to choose the option, which bringst the most benefit to the weakest individuals in the community - these with a pathologic color weakness.
So I would suggest to ask someone with color blindness or red-green-colorblindness, if he or she has problems with the design.


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