Why thunkable x is not giving admob mediation feature

Why thunkable is not providing mediation in their app, for get maximum reward for their many developer used mediation and for doing so they have to depends upon external third party source and due to this it increases app size much more arround double, if thunkable provide this service then it will be very helpful for developer like me

This isn’t something that Thunkable can do - you need to go and create your own mediation groups.

Take a look at your AdMob dashboard to get started setting this up:

But it required to integrate SDK of other network in app then how should we integrate in thunkable x app to do mediation

I would like to get the best out of Google Admob. Do ayone know some tip to earn more money with it? Always in legal ways, I would like to know how it is the function of the Mediacion! Thanks