Why doesn't my .apk link work?

I need to include an .apk link for my Thunkable app in a website, but the link doesn’t work however many times I try.
I’ve tried the following:
open on the web directly
open using tinyurl.com link
I’ve tried those on both laptop and the phone, but all I see is this:

I see that on both phone and computer. How do I get my link to work? I’m sharing this with my apartment society today, and I’m really confused about how to get the app to download. The same link worked before, but now it’s not working.

Edit: I just realized that the apk link will expire in 24 hours, even if put in a URL shortener. How can I get a link that will work for atleast a week? Do I have to re-download the app every day and share the link?

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What did you Use to create a link for the .apk file?

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When I first downloaded it, Thunkable sent me an email with a very long link. So I just shortened it with tinyurl.com

1.That link is only 24 hours avaible.
2. Only Thunkable users loggend in can open it (I think)
May I suggest you something?
Why not upload the .apk file to GDrive?

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That’s a good idea, but it won’t work now because I downloaded it on June 8th, I think.

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You don’t have the app on your phone installed then?

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As long as you downloaded it to your phone to install it, a copy should be in your download folder. Check the download manger app in your Android phone to locate it. You can then upload it to GDrive or similar and share it.


Sure, thanks! I’ll try that out.