Why do my labels say null? Can you also help with alignment?

I used the two free plan downloads and did not solve the problem even removing the groups. I was buying the plan to publish on the store but at this point I think it’s really useless


live on iphone 13

apk on samsung A02
samsung A02

apk on sanmung Note 9

The app is completed and works fine in all parts in the web preview and live on the device, then I download the apk and nothing works.
What does this mean?

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It’s really hard to diagnose problems from just seeing screenshots of the app. Are you able to share the project link or at least screenshots of the blocks you used to set the temperature values?

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Does your app uses stored variables by any chance?

If it does, then most probably, you are not properly initializing these variables and trying to use them uninitialized.

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I found that it is necessary to initialize all variables in Home page for the program to work.

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