Which way is faster?

(First, sr about my EL)
A. 1 webviewer and 90 if command
B. 3 webviewer, and 1 webviewer have 30 if command (total of 3 webviewer is 90 command)
Which way if commend run faster, A or B.
Thank you very much.

I recommend not using that many IF blocks. If you can explain what you’re doing, maybe we can suggest a better way.

my app use webviewer, and if web url is “1”, and webviewer ridirect to “1.1” (i dont want user copy my url and use it on computer)

I was going to suggest a better way to do this but it doesn’t look like you’re using Thunkable X.

What website is that?

i used https://creator.kodular.io/

my app is moto parts

@azparts19820x This is Thunkable Community. If you are using kodular.io, please refer to community.kodular.io .