When trying to open a forum post I see “Page doesn't exist”. What is this?

hi, i’m new on Thunkable. why I always get “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.” when i try to open all forum?

Can you share a screenshot?

i want to open this forum

Thats a link to the old platform the one they created before the thunkable x so I dont think that exists anymore

What is the exact url you are trying to access when you get that error?

What happens if you go to https://community.thunkable.com on your mobile device?


your link is work, i can open it

Apparently that topic no longer exists.

What do you need help with? Please note that extensions are not supported in Thunkable X.

I used that extension on Kodular but i have an error

The current and only version of Thunkable that is available, Thunkable X, does not support extensions. Since this forum is not for Kodular, we won’t be able to help you with that.

thank you, Zander

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ok thank you so much

Are you looking for a way to display a gauge chart in your app?

yes i looking for that

do you have the way to display it?

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