When fully loaded

Is there any way to make a loading circle stay untill everything is loaded,like

if loaded = true
set = visability to false

You can set an Animation’s visible property to true, then when loading is done, set it to false. You can use a Lottie animation file in the Animation component.

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Thank you but like is there a way to know when everything is loaded? like when … is loaded

You need to be more specific. What is it that you are loading? It is a Webviewer? Is it a Canvas? Is it a Map? What do you mean by “when everything is loaded”?

Thunkable blocks run immediately and in order.* So there isn’t really a concept of “loading” for blocks. But specific components may need more time to display or retrieve values so that’s why I need more information.

*mostly. There are exceptions to this but let’s not worry about that for now.

well, i’m loading a map with a lotttt of pinpoints and i need to know when they are all loaded

You’re adding the markers (pinpoints), right? Are you doing that using a loop? What do those blocks look like? Because I’m guessing that you can hide the loading symbol when your loop (or other blocks) have completed.


oh wait that is pretty simple but smart :sweat_smile:

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